Alien Words

Alien explorers have come to earth. They are eager to learn everything about us. Accompany our alien visitors on their journey and help them discover our world.

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La’mina loves animals. For their first attempt to connect with the creatures of earth, La’mina will try cat herding.

T’nalp enjoys gardening. On their home world plants are very different. T’nalp wants to collect as many plants as possible to transplant back to their home world.

Y’deeps has discovered racing since coming to earth and can’t get enough of it! Y’deeps first endeavour is to organize an interplanetary snail race.

Te’mroug loves food and is obsessed with finding the best ingredients and sampling all the foods that earth has to offer.

Ytrops is fascinated with earth sports and wants to learn them all. However, they are having a hard time keeping all the rules straight. Let’s play some sports-ball!!!

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